Pope Francis: A Wedding Without Wine is Shameful


Pope Francis made international news on Wednesday for his robust endorsement of wine. During his weekly Angelus address, the Holy Father interpreted the passage in St. John’s Gospel on the Wedding Feast of Cana. The full text of the Pope’s remarks has not yet been released in English, but here are some of the highlights according to the media:

  • “How is it possible to celebrate the wedding and have a party if you lack what the prophets indicated was a typical element of the messianic banquet?”
  • “Water is necessary to live, but wine expresses the abundance of the banquet and the joy of the feast.”
  • “A wedding feast lacking wine embarrasses the newlyweds – Imagine finishing the wedding feast drinking tea! It would be shameful!”

As Religion News Service wryly noted, while some have begun to wonder whether the Pope is Catholic, he has at least made one thing clear: he’s not a Baptist. And if he had said “iced tea” instead of “tea” in that last remark, his burn of old-school Southern Baptists would have been complete.