The Complete Line Up

Besides Drinking with the Saints, Mike has written two sequels: Drinking with Saint Nick and Drinking with Your Patron Saints. Most recently, Mike has teamed up with Fr. Leo Patalinghug to write Dining with the Saints, a delicious and delightful cookbook.

 Drinking with Saint Nick: Christmas Cocktails for Sinners and Saints (Regnery, 2018) offers beer, wine, and cocktails suggestions for every day of the Advent and Christmas seasons, and in a number of different ways. For example, there are drink suggestions for the Twelve Days of Christmas according to the feast days on the calendar, and there are drink suggestions for the Twelve Days of Christmas according to the verses of the song (partridge in a pear tree, two turtle doves, etc.)

Drinking with Your Patron Saints: The Sinner’s Guide to Honoring Namesakes and Protectors (Regnery, 2020) offers drinking ideas for over one hundred of the Church’s patron saints and their 700+ causes; the book even suggests several dozen new patronages, such as making Adam the patron saint of massive screwups and St. Jude (who is the patron saint of desperate cases) the patron saint of finding a parking lot when you are running really late. Oh, and did you know that one of the titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary is Our Lady of Copacabana? We nominated her the patroness of discos.

Dining with the Saints: The Sinner’s Guide to a Righteous Feast (Regnery 2023) brings the Catholic liturgical year to life, pairing over two hundred saints’ stories with an irresistible smorgasbord of international recipes. Craving a breakfast treat? Join St. Benedict and learn to craft Eggs Benedict with Basil Hollandaise in March. Searching for a spicy dinner feast? Uncover the life of St. Catherine of Siena and serve up a delicious Pici Pasta with Pumpkin and Spicy Sausage during the month of April. Tempted by sweets? Honor St. Maria Goretti with Goretti Tiramisu.