Forget Hump Day: Today is Plough Monday, and You Need a Drink


In the agrarian parts of England, the Monday after the Twelve Days of Christmas is traditionally known as Plough Monday, the time to say goodbye to Christmas merriment and return to the grindstone–or plow or desk or whatever. You can read about some of the charming customs of the day here.

I don’t know any “ploughmen,” but I do know plenty of people who could use a drink to ease their transition back to the daily grind. In honor of this tradition, turn to your favorite English beer or ale (Newcastle, Speckled Hen, etc.). Or for something warm on a cold work night, play on the plow theme with a Snow Plow:

Snow Plow Snow-Plow-Cocktail-8
1 oz. Bailey’s Irish cream
1 oz. coconut rum
½ oz. creme de cacao
10 oz. hot chocolate, or less if your glass is smaller
whipped cream
cocoa sprinkles
Pour Bailey’s, rum, creme de cacao, and hot chocolate into a mug or Irish coffee cup and stir. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle a little cocoa powder onto it.

Last Call
A toast: May the joys and blessings of the Christmas season forever soften our toils at the plow.