Spike in Sales?


Some good news from my publisher.  Over the last week, the “sell-through” of Drinking With The Saints (the sales to actual customers at stores and/or online retailers) increased by 288% from 48 to 186. That’s the biggest week of sales since last December–Christmastime!

Thanks be to God for this increase, but the lingering question is why it happened at all. There was no special advertising, no noteworthy mention of the book or its author in the news or the blogosphere: in short, nothing special to induce a surge in sales. It is true that I am giving talks in Florida and Colorado in November and December (more on that some other time), but the sales increase is nationwide and not regional.

So why the spike? I have three rather weak theories of my own:

1. Preparation for an ill-advised drinking binge on All Saints’ Day (November 1).
2. The current election has some people turning to God and to the bottle–at the same time.
3. Books purchased in May 2015 (launchdate) need to be replaced because they are so stained with spilled cocktail mixes and red wine.


What are your theories? Sound off!