Birra Nursia Comes to the U.S.!

Readers of DWTS may have noticed several references to the Monks of Norcia, Italy in the book, from the suggestion of mimosa for St. Scholastica’s Day to the recommendation of vin santo for the O-antiphon week prior to Christmas. But the monks’ main contribution to the world of alcohol is beer, which they started brewing several years ago. The beer has been available in Europe for about three years: complimentary cases, for instance, were sent to the 2013 conclave of Cardinals that elected Pope Francis–so you can thank or blame the Norcian monks for the current pontificate, depending on your point of view!

But now for the first time, the monks’ brew is available in the U.S.. Here is the official notice:

It’s a bit pricey but until it can be shipped to our local liquor store, it’ll have to do.