Throwing An All Saints’ Party


The great Feast of All Saints is fast coming upon us. An All Saints’ Day Party can be celebrated either on Sunday, November 1, or if you don’t mind the occasional interruption by trick or treaters, on Saturday, October 31, the Vigil of All Saints or All Hallows’ Eve.

But what to serve for drinks? On All Saints Day there is an embarrassment of riches.bottles 2 Since honoring all of the saints at once with every drink mentioned in Drinking With the Saints would wind you in serious trouble, our recommendation is to comb through the book and pick your top two or three libations.

Another option is to use this occasion to try a drink from the book you have been hankering to sample but have not had the opportunity to. According to Pope Urban IV, one of the purposes of All Saints’ Day is to compensate for any negligence in celebrating the saints’ feasts from the previous year. Surely, this principle can be applied to drinking with the saints.

Lastly, you can try a beverage named after the entire Communion of Saints. St. Peter’s Brewery in England makes The Saints Whisky Beer, a smoky, peaty beer infused with a measure of English Whisky from St. George’s Distillery (surprisingly, it only has an alcohol content of 4.8%).  There are also wines made in the Veneto region of Italy by Santi. The winery is named after its founder Carlo Santi, but Carlo’s last name means “Saints” in Italian.

Saints Whisky beer