The Launch of the Blog (Again)

Hello friends and readers,

Yesterday I chanced to read a passage in which St. Augustine discusses the meaning of “the spirits of wickedness in the high places [caelestibus]” in Ephesians 6:12. As Augustine explains, caelum is the Latin word for heaven or sky, but here it refers neither to the Heaven of eternal bliss nor to outer space but to the lower atmosphere in which birds fly. If Augustine thinks that demons are around us in the air we breathe, imagine what would he think of the blogosphere!

It is therefore with trepidation that I dip my toe into the world of the web log, and I ask that all my students whom I told to shoot me if I ever start blogging to lower their weapons and instead say a prayer for a hypocrite. My plan is to write once a week on a Thursday or Friday about matters pertaining to Drinking With the Saints, and my overall goal is to facilitate a virtual and virtuous community of like-minded folk who have a sacramental gratitude for and appreciation of Catholic fellowship and the fine art of drinking. Eventually, I am hoping that we can build upon Drinking With the Saints (heretofore DWTS) by sharing stories and swapping new cocktail suggestions, all with an end to renewing a culture of genuine festivity. Because Lord knows we need to!

This time around, my entry is an easy one: a link to an essay I wrote for the New Liturgical Movement which, by the way, is an excellent source of news and commentary on the beauty of our sacred liturgy.