The Drinking With the Saints App!

Thanks to the crackerjack team at Programmers on Call, you can now harness the power and the glory of Drinking With the Saints at the touch of a finger with the DWTS software app.

The app gives you five days’ worth of feast days, cocktail recipes, ingredients, and saints’ stories excerpted from the book. Easy-to-read instructions will have you bartending like a pious pro!

A general index allows you to search for any keyword, ingredient, or phrase and find their relevant page numbers in the book. For example, if you enter “gin” you will find all the cocktails that have gin as an ingredient and where they may be found in the book. A great aid to using the book!

You do not need to own the book to use the app, but the app is the perfect companion to get the most out of your hard copy or Kindle version of Drinking With the Saints.
Other features include:

  • Recipe Glass Illustrations by Lucinda Levine  cocktail
  • Your choice of following the traditional 1962 Church calendar or the new 1970/2002 Church calendar
  • Page references to the book
  • Runs on all major platforms: available in iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone versions

The DWTS app is the perfect supplement to the book. Order yours today! You can buy at:

  • iTunes (for Apple) [coming soon]
  • Google Play (for Android), or
  • The Windows Store (for Windows) [coming soon]

Behold sample pages for the Android version:

android1       android2       android3

android4       android5